searching for home decor in hoboken

Lately, a typical weekend for me involves at least one day walking down to Hoboken, enjoying a nice lunch, going to Patricia’s Yarns to knit and of course doing a little window shopping.  Hoboken is such a lovely little city filled with brownstones and lots of local restaurants and boutiques along with some big name shops.  This weekend I decided to snap some pics of the home decor spots that I’ve discovered along my weekly walk on Washington Street.

First up is Luna Rosa Home which is located uptown.  Its a sweet small store filled with lots of bedding and bath items that was formerly called Galatea Linens (as connected with its sister store Galatea Lingere – from which it is now independent).  My husband and I stopped in yesterday and while he sat on the cushy loveseat in the center of the shop, I perused the comforters ready to be placed on a bed.  Here is a sneak peek at the storefront:

While we didn’t stop in the next shop along the way, I’ve been in it many times before and I highly recommend Urban Nesters if you are looking for custom handmade furniture and live in the area.

Finally just a block away from my destination (knitting at Patricia’s Yarns) we come upon the mecca – the brand new Anthropologie in Hoboken!

And I was in for a treat because they already have their holiday displays up.  Check out this window shot:

I got so excited that I blitzed through the store taking shots of my favorite vignettes for the season.  Here is my tour:

So there you have it, my search for home decor in hoboken was very fruitful and I’m happy to call this city my home – even though I live in the next town over – at least on the weekends it is my home away from home 😉

My favorite part was the large blue cardboard ornaments hanging from the ceiling in Anthropologie -starting to get me in the holiday spirit!

What have you seen so far this season while out and about that is inspiring you to decorate your home for the holidays?