hello + an update…


Dear treasured readers,

I have missed you. My last post was this spring where I talked all about thinking before you make a move. Well, at the time of that post I was in the midst of BSchool working away at creating the business of my dreams.

And something just didn’t feel right. For the past year or so, I’ve been planning on launching an eDecor business, using this blog as my playground for ideas and inspiration. When it came time to actually push through and launch, though, I had an epiphany about what my strengths and passions are.

I love love decorating, and I’ve realized through various outlets that my knack for finding awesome resources, organizing, & strategizing is very strong but that my true passion lies in helping women like me launch amazing businesses.

It was very intentional that I step back from blogging so that I could have time to process what my next step was before I really put it out into the world. At first I thought I would do bookkeeping, and eventually become a CPA, but after helping a family member get started with her wellness business, I realized that my gifting is a little bit different from that.

Without giving too much away, I am planning to launch a new site this fall that will include loads of resources that newbie entrepreneurs need to get there businesses off the ground.

Thank you for being with me through this journey and I look forward to sharing what is soon to come!

~ Jessica


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