the best places to find interior styling inspiration

So if you are not a complete interior styling junkie like me you may be looking for some great sources of inspiration when you are looking to update your own home. Well, I’ve scoured the web and beyond in search of quality design and wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Some of these sources overlap, but I want to give you a full look at my go tos.

First let’s think of the most conventional mediums for this kind of thing – MAGAZINES!

My top two favorites are:

House Beautiful – Offering tons of ideas, tips, and tricks for decorating

Domino – A quarterly and online mag that gives you the opportunity to ‘Shop the Look’ directly from their site

Next up – I have a few interior blogs that I follow regularly. These are the ones that I really love in terms of style, and they are each a bit different:

Style by Emily Henderson – HGTV Star/Interior Stylist sharing her journey to make over her own home and show off her work with other bloggers homes

Decor8 (by Holly Becker) – Interior styling hub that highlights so many beautiful ideas from around the web (plus ecourses on blogging!)

I Suwannee (by Jamie Meares) – This is the blog for Furbish Studio and I love getting to look at the behind the scenes of running this shop

Arianna Belle – This site has a shop full of gorgeous pillows and posts showing beautiful homes

Teal & Lime (by Jackie Hernandez) – She is an eDecorator (like me 🙂 ) and blogs  a ton about DIY decorating

Some other great places to scope out beautiful interiors on the web are:

The Everygirl | The Glitter Guide | Rue Magazine

Each of these is a magazine style site with all different kinds of posts (on fashion/beauty/career/etc) but my favorite are the home tours that each of them exhibits.

And now for my book collection…


Now, I must admit that I haven’t read through all of these yet as I’ve recently acquired  most of them as gifts. Actually, I got the idea for this post this past weekend when I got two of these as birthday presents from my aunt. As I go through each book I will give a review but here is the list of what is shown above:

Young House Love | Domino – The Book of Decorating | The Perfectly Imperfect Home
Design Sponge at Home | Decorate Workshop

We can’t forget Pinterest in this discussion. Just plug in interior styling (or any other home decor type search – think furniture, accessories, color) to the search and you will have a plethora of idea. I follow some pretty awesome boards that always bring up new vision.

Beyond all of this media some of the best ways to get inspiration are by being somewhere in person. Two of my favorite shops for this are Anthropologie & ABC Home & Carpet (in NYC). Not only do they offer great furniture and accessories but the stores themselves are beautifully put together. (ps – I’m going to put a resource list of my favorite places to go shopping – that’s a whole other project in itself!)

And here are a couple you might not have thought of…

Hotels | Restaurants | Offices |Other people’s homes

Some times the best ideas come when we are out and about in the world. Don’t be afraid to pick up on the design cues around you the next time you are go on a trip or visit a friend’s house. I actually got really inspired to get into interior design when I was staying at host homes during musical production tour I was on. Seeing how different people dress up their dwellings light a spark in me.

Now, I would love to know where YOU go to get inspired as you make your house/apartment into a home. Please share in the comments below!

If you liked this post and know someone who is looking for some great interior styling ideas, why not share it?

Hope this post was helpful to you, it was helpful to me to compile this collection together for you.

Now, its time to do some dreaming!



2 thoughts on “the best places to find interior styling inspiration

  1. Dear Jessica, Your post is very helpful and I have to say that having no time to go out and about around the city, I find inspiration online most of the time. Pinterest is one of my favorite sources since it really allows me to browse and select what I like. When I am looking for inspiration and ideas, I then turn to the relevant Pinterest board(s) and in no time ideas rush in… What is your favorite source?

    • Hi Daydreamer!

      Thanks for commenting on the post – I’m glad it was helpful to you. I totally understand not having the time to traipse around the city looking for inspiration 😉

      My favorite source is Pinterest as well because it pulls from all over the web and I can follow other interior design boards/peeps that are beautifully curated. I don’t know how we survived without it!

      I’m glad you found my blog and ps – I love interacting with you on Twitter 🙂

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