my living room re-style design scheme

A few weeks ago I shared a couple of pics of my mantel (a before and a ‘blank canvas’) and I wanted to show you the progress so far…

mantel painting

The painting was created by my loving husband upon my request (he is an amazing artist!). I wanted something contemporary to put in that spot and we had a very large canvas hanging around our apartment just waiting to be made into a masterpiece. The decorative objects around it are just a start – I like the silver vessel and candle holder but it’s definitely something I want to spruce up with some color and a few more interesting shapes.

As I mentioned in that last post the mantel is just one piece to our living room re-style puzzle. I’ve been doing some digging around online and have come up with a preliminary design scheme to work off of – take a look:

Living Room Design Scheme

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

The couch you may have seen before in my post about Chesterfield sofas. This one is a definite for us. We even went to Macy’s and tested it out. The rest of the items are the basic furniture and accessories that I want to add to the space. This is merely a jumping off point to create a foundation that is tied together – all of the fun little styling pieces will come into play as I keep searching.

My favorite item is the ‘Home Sweet Apartment’ print – it pretty much sums up what my sweet little home life is all about!

Just wanted to give you a short and sweet update on what’s happening in my own home. Now I’d love to hear from you – what are you working on to improve your home environment? I’d love to hear what projects you have in the works!

And if you think someone might be inspired by the design scheme I created here I’d love love it if you shared it with them…

Until next week,



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