my favorite things about Christmas – part 2: wrapping presents

I saw this great commercial (below) about a month ago and got inspired to use washi tape in my Christmas present wrapping.  (on a side note – I’m not an affiliate of Scotch and actually used a different brand)

Right now I’m currently working in Chelsea in an area where there are stationery stores galore (including the Container Store’s big display) so I decided to stop by one of them after work last Friday – namely Paper Presentation – and headed straight to the wrapping paper section in the back of the store searching for brown craft paper.  It is some thing I’d always wanted to use and instead of using stickers or stamps to decorate it – I would instead used washi tape.  Okay well, I did use a few stickers and some tags too, but the washi tape was center stage.  Here is what I got:

presents 3

Sunday afternoon I started my wrapping.  Now this is going to take a bit to get everything done, I need boxes and am still waiting for some gifts to be delivered and also have a few I need to shop for.  BUT at least I got started!

presents 2

presents 1

That’s right, so far I got 3 presents wrapped.  I’ll be spending the latter part of this week and the first part of next week finishing up the job, but I wanted to show you a bit of what my concept was for how they will look.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that wrapping presents is one of my favorite things about the holidays.  I almost enjoy it more than unwrapping presents!  It really makes me merry 🙂

How about you?  Does wrapping presents make you merry?


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