my favorite things about Christmas, part 1: the tree

We are getting ever so close to Christmas that it is stirring in my bones!  This post is the first in a series celebrating my favorite things about the holiday season.

It starts off with something that we picked up last weekend here:


That’s right – the Christmas tree!

Growing up many a time me and my parents would go up to the mountains in upstate NY to find a tree and cut it down fresh for the season.  My dad had a thing for getting the biggest tree possible for their living room that spanned two floors in height.  You could touch the top from the top of the staircase once it was put in place.

Now we (my husband and I) opt for something much smaller – this year a five footer.  And we don’t go cut it down.  Instead we took a nice walk down to Hoboken and picked one out among the these beauties below to have delivered to our apartment last Sunday afternoon.


Then it was time for decorating!

I got right to it that evening all while watching “The Grinch” play in the background.  It was a festive time that I enjoyed all to myself.  Here is the outcome:


I was very proud of my work and thrilled to see it glittering that very night.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night we heard a crash that woke us up.  Our lovely tree had fallen breaking quite a few ornaments. So we had to redecorate it,this time while listening to some tunes, and now its just a bit sparse but glowing once again.

This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, obviously, because it involves decorating.  Styling the tree and adding some other decor around the house, including a nativity scene is always a fun job.

There are gobs of gorgeous photos out there that show the holiday spirit but in this series I’m going to show you straight from my own home and life what Christmas means to me.  I hope you enjoy!

Now its your turn – how much do you love decorating for the holidays?


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