chic autumn accessories

We are now deep into the days of autumn with the holidays just around the corner, but before we get too into the Christmas spirit I thought I’d share a few items to accessorize your home now that will work well into the winter.  These pieces each have a bit of sparkle or some warm natural tones that work as the perfect accents for the season.  Check them out:

autumn accessories

1. wood bark coasters | 2. twig bowl | 3. natural apple wreath
4. victorian service rectangular platter | 5. meridian hurricane
6. golden antler appetizer plate set

Adding any of the accessories above would at least warm up the atmosphere of the space.  Why not add something now to get in the spirit – you don’t have to go all out, just a bit to make things festive.  Then next week when Thanksgiving rolls around the games begin!

One of the things that I’ve done to make my home more ready for the season is to buy cinnamon scented candles.  It warms things up inside and is great to come home to after spending a long cold day out in the city.

What do you do to warm up your home on cold days?


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